Rafflez is a sweepstake that acquired in Q3 2022. It is a basic but exciting concept where every ticket you buy gives you a 40% chance to double your money! The app is easy to use and integrate into any partnering projects! Each Raffle has a jackpot and free tickets! You can also earn referral fees by generating a link on the site and sharing it with your DeFi friends! To find out more visit
Best of all, with Rafflez you never really lose! All losing tickets will represent an NFT that you will be able to stake on for passive income in Q4 2022!

Partnering Projects

For any project that wishes to integrate Rafflez for their community to play, we have a fee structure that can also help you earn! You can use this revenue for things like buy back and burns of your project's token, thus supporting your community even further!
If you are interested in integrating Rafflez or need more information, contact the KyotoSwap team through one of our channels: Discord - Email - [email protected]