Diamond Hand Vault

The diamond hand vault (DHV) requires you to stake kyoto tokens to earn rewards. There is a 10% tax to enter the DHV and a 20% tax to withdraw.
Below is a guide to stake in the Diamond Hand Vault.
1. Connect your wallet to KyotoSwap. A helpful guide is linked. Connect Your Wallet to KyotoSwap​
2. If you don't yet own Kyoto tokens, navigate to the OTC section in the 'TRADE' tab of the DEX or use the link to buy Kyoto tokens.
3. Once you have your Kyoto tokens, head to and click the Earn tab on the DEX and select DHV. This will open the Diamond Hand Vault page shown below.
4. Use the 'STAKE YOUR KYOTO' section to enter the amount of Kyoto you wish to stake in the DHV. Select 'STAKE' to continue. You will have the option to stake V1 or V2 Kyoto on this UI.
5. A pop up window will appear for you to confirm the transaction.
6. Once you have confirmed your transaction, your Kyoto tokens will be staked in the vault. You will be able to see the rewards accrue from your stake in the 'YOUR VAULT' section of the DHV page.
7. To withdraw your Kyoto tokens and any earned rewards (minus the 20% withdrawal tax) You will need to navigate to the 'STAKE YOUR KYOTO' section and use the 'WITHDRAW' box to enter the amount of Kyoto you would like to Unstake. Once you have entered the amount, click 'WITHDRAW'.